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Dentures are a great restorative dental treatment if you need to replace all your teeth. We provide full and partial dentures to patients. Full or complete dentures restore full tooth arches, while partial dentures replace consecutive rows of missing teeth.

Dentures don’t need to look like false teeth. Dr. Jerome Cha will work with you on your smile design to create natural-looking dentures and partials in his Tulsa, OK, office. 

Dentures and Partials in Tulsa, OK

Natural-Looking Dentures

The key to gorgeous dentures is the approach of your dentist and the materials he or she uses. For example, many dentists will use acrylic teeth because they are both easy to work with and inexpensive.

Unfortunately, acrylic dentures come with some drawbacks. Not only are these dentures susceptible to staining, but they lack important qualities that are necessary for the beauty of natural-looking teeth, such as translucency and subtleties of color and shape. They also wear down quickly.

With denture bases, there are also a variety of materials to choose from. You can get beautiful, natural-looking teeth because of the many high-tech materials now available to cosmetic dentists.

The philosophy and artistic sensitivity of the dentist also affect the outcome. Dental schools tend to teach that dentures should be made a little unattractive in order to be truly natural.

Dr. Cha doesn’t hold to that philosophy. If you want beautiful, white teeth, Dr. Cha can make your dentures look very natural so you can have a smile you’ll be proud to show off.

Traditional and Implant-Secured Dentures and Partials in Tulsa

While having a beautiful set of dentures is most certainly better than not having any teeth, there are some limitations to traditional removable dentures.

First, your chewing efficiency will not be the same as it was with your natural teeth, so it may take an adjustment period for eating to feel normal to you.

You also have to bear in mind that dentures are designed to rest on moveable gum tissue. Therefore, they will move around some and could possibly slip. 

If you’ve lost all your teeth, your body will begin to reabsorb the minerals in your jawbone and distribute them throughout your body. After about 20 years, you will have lost most of the bone structure in your jaw.

Patients with missing teeth who wear traditional dentures can encounter facial collapse. However, dental implants can protect you from facial collapse.

Multiple strategically placed dental implants can support dentures with help from the jawbone. Dental implants fuse with the jawbone after three to six months of placement.

The titanium implant posts not only support healthy jawbone and healthy gum tissue but also make it much easier for patients to bite and chew.

Dental implants also prevent facial collapse because they utilize bone for support. We can also provide bone grafting services to ensure that patients have enough healthy bone before implant treatment.

Restore Lost Teeth

Do you have rows or full arches of teeth missing? Call us for dentures today at 918-347-1114 or request a dental consultation with Dr. Cha on our website.