Invisalign Tulsa, OK

Do you want a straighter smile but don’t want braces? Try Invisalign. This cosmetic dental treatment can create a more even bite. Dr. Jerome Cha provides Invisalign treatment to patients in his Tulsa, OK, dental office.

Invisalign is an excellent option for adults who want to straighten their smile discreetly. This treatment uses clear aligners to shift teeth into more even positions. Invisalign treatment may also address problems like crooked teeth, tooth gaps, overbites, underbites, and crossbites.

Invisalign in Tulsa, OK

Why Should You Straighten Crooked Teeth?

You get more than a straight smile when you treat your crooked teeth. Addressing crooked teeth can:

Improve Your Confidence

Does your smile hold you back in social situations? Do you cover your smile or laugh around other people? Straightening your teeth can help you improve your confidence in your smile. You can proudly smile while showing your teeth after Invisalign treatment. 

Support Your Oral Health

Misaligned and crooked teeth aren’t just cosmetic problems. It can be hard to brush and floss if your teeth overlap. Over time, food can get stuck between your teeth. Harmful bacteria can feed on leftover food stuck in hard-to-reach areas. After you straighten your smile, you can easily brush and floss between each tooth.

Correct Your Bite

You likely have a misaligned bite if you have crooked teeth. Biting and chewing with uneven teeth can place pressure on some teeth more than others.

Uneven bites also increase the chance of developing a TMJ disorder. Common TMJ symptoms include headaches, jaw pain, teeth clenching and grinding. In severe cases, you can experience chipped and broken teeth from teeth clenching and grinding. Fixing a crooked bite with Invisalign can prevent TMD. Your new, balanced bite will evenly distribute pressure throughout your smile. 

How Does Invisalign Compare to Metal Braces?

Invisalign is an alternative to braces that uses custom-fit clear aligners to straighten teeth. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, you can eat without dietary restrictions. Patients undergoing treatment with metal dental braces must avoid crunchy, sticky, or hard foods. In addition, patients can remove their aligners to eat and enjoy their favorite foods with Invisalign.

Invisalign offers these benefits over metal braces:

  • Fewer dietary restrictions
  • More discreet treatment
  • Comfortable aligners
  • Easy cleaning
  • Fewer dentist office visits

Metal braces are best for patients with moderate to severe orthodontic problems. We may recommend braces over Invisalign if you have a bad bite or severe malocclusion. Invisalign benefits patients with mild to moderate orthodontic issues. Clear Invisalign aligners can address many problems:

  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Crossbite
  • Misaligned teeth

We recommend Invisalign for teens and adults. Children benefit more from braces because their jaw and palate are not fully developed. However, Invisalign may be for you if you want a straighter smile without bulky metal brackets and colorful elastics.  

Invisalign Treatment in Tulsa, OK

Before Invisalign treatment, Dr. Cha will examine your smile. He will take dental X-rays to find which areas require treatment and to create a custom treatment plan. Then, Dr. Cha will also determine your eligibility for Invisalign treatment.

To begin Invisalign treatment, Dr. Cha will take dental impressions of the teeth. He sends these impressions to a dental lab. Lab technicians will create a series of clear, durable plastic aligners based on Dr. Cha’s specifications. These technicians scan the impressions to create 3-D images of the teeth.

Once the aligners are complete, you will return to our office, where Dr. Cha will fit the first pair of Invisalign aligners on your teeth. He will check the aligners for fit and comfort. Then, he will provide care instructions and multiple pairs of aligners so you can begin your at-home treatment.

Wearing Your Clear Aligners

You will switch out each pair of aligners for a new pair every two weeks. Each pair is slightly different and gently applies pressure to the teeth, shifting them into a straighter position. You will return to Hope Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry so we can track your progress. We will help you schedule these visits. While you will not visit our office as often as you would if you had metal braces, we want to keep track of your treatment. 

On average, Invisalign treatment can take 6 to 12 or more months. Invisalign treatment time will depend on how long you wear your aligners each day and the extent of your orthodontic problems.

We recommend patients wear their aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily. If you do not wear your aligners long enough, it will take more time to straighten your teeth. Keeping the aligners off your teeth for even a day can delay treatment. Wearing each pair of aligners consistently will keep you on track for completing treatment on time. 

How To Clean Clear Aligners

You can clean your teeth and your aligners separately. Remove your aligners from your teeth to clean them. You can soak your aligners in a mouthguard soak or Invisalign crystals. Brush and floss your teeth and gums before you place your aligners back on your teeth.

Additionally, you can keep your Invisalign aligners in their cases. While you can wrap your aligners in a clean cloth or paper towel, remember to place them in their case. You may accidentally throw your aligners away if they are not in their case. We must provide you with a new pair if you lose your aligners. Your treatment may also take more time if you use your aligners.

Do I Need Retainers After Invisalign?

We will provide retainers after you complete your Invisalign treatment in our Tulsa, OK, office. Retainers keep your teeth straight and prevent problems like orthodontic relapse. Orthodontic relapse occurs when the teeth shift back to their previous positions. If you fail to wear your retainers, you can experience tooth gaps, crooked teeth, and overcrowding. Wearing your retainers daily will keep the teeth properly aligned.

At first, you will need to wear your retainers constantly. After several years, we may recommend only wearing your orthodontic retainers at night. You can care for your retainers like your Invisalign aligners. Keep the retainers clean with a mouthguard soak. You should also brush and floss before you wear your retainers.

If you lose your retainer, let us know as soon as possible so we can create a replacement. You may require more orthodontic treatment if you stop wearing your retainers.

Get a Straighter Smile With Invisalign

Transform your crooked smile with Invisalign in Tulsa, OK. Call Hope Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry for Invisalign treatment today at 918-347-1114. You may also request an Invisalign consultation with Dr. Cha online. Please let us know if you have questions about Invisalign treatment in our Tulsa, OK, office; Dr. Cha will gladly assist you.