Sleep Apnea Tulsa, OK

Many patients wake up exhausted every morning, even after getting a full night’s sleep, unaware that sleep apnea is the cause of their problem. When you sleep, your tongue and the soft tissues in the back of your mouth relax. If they are impinging your breathing passage slightly, it will lead to snoring. Sometimes they can completely block your breathing passage, causing obstructive sleep apnea. When this occurs, you don’t get adequate oxygen. Eventually, your brain detects the deficiency and will startle you to take a breath, interrupting your sleep. This cycle of oxygen depletion and arousal can happen over and over in your sleep without you even being aware of it. Not only does it rob you of much-needed rest, but it can also rob your health in other ways. Receiving sleep apnea treatment in our Tulsa, OK, dental office can restore your health and comfort when sleeping. In addition to providing sleep apnea treatment, we offer various restorative dentistry services.

Sleep Apnea in Tulsa, OK

Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Below are some common symptoms of sleep apnea. Unfortunately, it is difficult for someone to recognize some of the signs themselves, such as interrupted breathing or gasping for air at night. It is more likely your partner will notice, so you could ask him or her to be aware of the symptoms.

  • Snoring
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Gasping or stopping breathing in the night
  • Daytime tiredness with a full night’s sleep
  • Lack of concentration
  • Memory loss
  • Mouth breathing
  • A sore throat without an illness
  • Dry mouth
  • Teeth Grinding

Sleep Apnea in Tulsa, OK

The traditional treatment for sleep apnea has commonly been the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (or CPAP) machine. Many patients find this uncomfortable and dislike having to wear a mask on their faces throughout the night.

Today, there are options. An oral appliance adjusts the position of your mouth by opening up the posterior muscles which are blocking your airway while you sleep. While some oral appliances are bulky and can open your bite too much, leading to other problems, Dr. Jerome Cha is a strong believer in physiological care. The device should work in conjunction with how your body functions, not against it. The appliance is small, comfortable, and adjusts in smaller increments which eliminates problems with titration.

Prevent Disruptive Snoring

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