Sedation Dentistry Tulsa, OK

If you fear going to the dentist or suffer from dental anxiety, we can help. Dr. Jerome Cha enjoys giving fearful patients a pleasant experience to put them more at ease about future oral health visits. He is highly skilled and qualified and has a kind, gentle personality, and touch. Dr. Cha offers sedation dentistry in Tulsa, OK, to ease the fears of anxious patients.

However, knowing Dr. Cha is a kind, gentle, and skilled dentist will not remove some patients’ fear. Patients with a previous traumatic dental experience may need sedation. We use sedation techniques for some of our patients who utilize our cosmetic and general dentistry services.

Dental Sedation in Tulsa, OK

Who Benefits from Sedation?

We will often use sedation if you need treatment that may take hours. That way, you won’t feel pain during that time or even recollect your procedure. Sedation is often beneficial for patients with these problems:

  • Fear of loud noises 
  • Poor gag reflexes
  • Fear of the dentist
  • General dental anxiety

Dental fear and anxiety are common problems. Whether you had a negative past experience at the dentist or fear pain, we’re here to help. 

There are many benefits to sedation, including:

  • Safe treatment
  • Pain management
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Fewer dental visits

With some types of sedation, you may feel sensation but will not feel pain. With others, you may not remember your treatment. No matter the type of sedation, you will 

Treating Dental Anxiety in Our Office

In addition to sedation, we have several recommendations if you or a loved one have dental anxiety:

  • Call us for an office tour. We can give you a tour on a day before your appointment. During this tour, you can familiarize yourself with our office, staff, and dentist.
  • Ask questions. We will gladly answer any questions about the treatment process or your current concerns. Open communication between patient and dentist helps us meet your needs.
  • Bring things to your visit. You can bring headphones and music to listen to during your treatment. Feel free to bring fidget toys or stress balls to help occupy your hands or distract you during treatment.

We don’t want you to worry if you haven’t visited the dentist for years. We’re not here to judge you. Our goal is to help you comfortably get the dental care you need. Sedation can enable you to treat dental problems you’ve avoided treating. Ultimately, treating these problems will improve your oral healht and self-confidence.

Types of Sedation Dentistry in Tulsa, OK

Dr. Cha offers three types of sedation dentistry: nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation. He will help you find the best type of sedation to meet your needs.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, a sedative gas mixed with oxygen, benefits patients with mild dental anxiety. Also known as laughing gas, you will breathe it through a nose mask while Dr. Cha works on your teeth. It induces a relaxed state that seems to strengthen the Novocain and eliminate the stress of the dental appointment. Under laughing gas, you may feel happy but will still feel calm and able to react to Dr. Cha.

Laughing gas takes effect and wears off quickly. At the end of the procedure, you breathe pure oxygen for a couple of minutes, and all the effects are completely gone. Nitrous oxide is convenient and has no after-effects, so you can return to work or drive home after treatment. 

Oral Sedation

If you need a stronger sedative, oral sedation is popular. We will provide you with a pill before your appointment. This will make you sleepy so that you will be completely relaxed and indifferent to the dental appointment. You may not even remember the procedure.

Effects linger past the appointment, so you need to have someone bring you to the office and drive you home afterward. Oral sedation is excellent if you are an anxious dental patient. It enables you to have much dental work done in one appointment.

IV Sedation

The strongest level of sedation we offer is IV Sedation. Dr. Cha is one of a few dentists with an IV sedation permit and is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. The level of sedation with IV sedation is deeper than with oral sedation, though you are still conscious, and your protective reflexes are functional.

Under IV sedation, you feel deeply relaxed and may even fall asleep. Most people can still respond to Dr. Cha but may not remember their treatment. This treatment is not the same as general anesthesia because you will not be unconscious under IV sedation.

Qualifications for Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Cha has been practicing sedation dentistry since 2004. He is DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation) certified, the leading institute in dental sedation instruction. Dr. Cha also has a special permit for IV sedation and is ACLS-certified.

Your safety is a top priority when you are under dental sedation. As an extra safety measure, we will carefully measure your vital signs with a pulse oximeter during IV and oral sedation procedures. Dr. Cha follows the standard safety precautions of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation. Our office will treat you respectfully, and there will be no lectures on the importance of regular dental care.

What Type of Sedation is For Me?

Please inform Dr. Cha of any medical conditions or medications you are taking. Breathing problems, problems metabolizing medication, and other issues can affect sedation. Dr. Cha will determine the right treatment for you based on your medical history and conditions. 

The most common medical conditions that affect sedation include: 

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Heart conditions
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver problems
  • Sleep apnea

Some medications can also negatively interact with anti-anxiety medications used in dentistry. This is one of the reasons why we will need a list of your allergies and current medications. 

Receive Comfortable Dental Care

Get on the road to good oral health with sedation dentistry in Tulsa, OK. Schedule an appointment online or call Hope Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry at 918-347-1114. Please let Dr. Cha know if you have any questions about dental sedation, he will be glad to help.