Dental Bridge Tulsa, OK

A dental bridge is a false tooth or teeth that restore one or more consecutive lost teeth. Bridges fill the gap left by missing teeth to renew the function and aesthetics of the smile. Dental bridges can use crown-capped teeth or dental implants for support. Dr. Jerome Cha provides dental bridge treatment in Tulsa, OK, to restore missing teeth and improve bite function. Dr. Cha also provides additional restorative dentistry services to patients in his Tulsa, OK, dental office.  

Dental Bridge Treatment in Tulsa, OK

Traditional vs. Implant Dental Bridges

When many people think of a traditional dental bridge, they think of multiple false teeth supported by natural teeth on either side of a missing tooth gap. A traditional dental bridge uses support from natural teeth that are covered with dental crowns. We may not recommend a traditional bridge for some patients because these healthy teeth require preparation. Additionally, dental bridges sit on the gums and do not support the bone or tissue.

That’s where dental implants come in. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth, supporting false teeth at the root. Implants support healthy bones and gums because they are inserted into the jaw bone. Once implants fuse to the jaw bone, they ensure that bridges stay secure. 

Dental Bridge Treatment in Tulsa, OK

Restorative dental treatment begins with dental x-rays, where the dentist plans dental bridge and implant placement as needed. If patients are receiving dental implants to secure their bridge but do not have enough jaw bone tissue to secure the implants, we may recommend bone grafting.

Traditional dental bridge treatment requires tooth preparation for the teeth on either side of the tooth gap. After preparation, the dentist creates custom dental crowns using scans of the mouth and a milling machine. Then, they will create a prosthetic to cover the tooth gap and secure the bridge with the crown-capped teeth.

For implant-secured bridges, the dentist will first place the implants in the jaw bone and wait until they fully heal before placing the dental bridge. It can take three to six months for the implants to fuse with the jaw bone. However, dental implant posts will offer a stable, permanent foundation for the final dental bridge. 

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