Botox & Dermal Fillers Tulsa, OK

As you age, your face develops creases and wrinkles. Botox® is a safe, inexpensive, non-surgical way to remove some aging effects and help your face look years younger. Its 20-year track record has given Botox a well-established reputation as an effective alternative to a facelift. Dr. Jerome Cha is certified to administer Botox in his Tulsa, OK, dental office. He can help provide smoother skin for his patients, erase wrinkles, and improve facial aesthetics

Some patients may not realize they can get Botox and dermal fillers at the dentist. Dr. Cha is uniquely qualified to administer Botox and filler injections. As a dentist, he understands the facial muscle and bone structure. His years of experience in dental surgery and membership with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry help him understand how to improve smiles and faces.

Botox and Fillers in Tulsa, OK

The Benefits of Botox and Fillers

Botox and fillers provide these benefits to patients:

  • Quick, non-surgical treatment
  • Minimal downtime
  • Custom treatment plans
  • Lasting results
  • Improved skin quality

Unlike plastic surgery, Botox and fillers are noninvasive treatments for patients who want younger-looking skin. They are also preventive anti-aging options for our patients. Injectables help smooth lines and wrinkles around your brows, eyes, nose, lips, and forehead.

What is Botox?

Botox® is a neuromuscular inhibitor that prevents muscle movement. This FDA-approved injectable relaxes the muscles in your face to erase lines and creases. Botox treats wrinkles in the upper third of the face and provides treatments for many cosmetic issues, including:

  • Diminish crow’s feet
  • Smooth frown lines
  • Lift the brows
  • Smooth forehead lines

Botox treats dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles that form from facial movements. Dynamic wrinkles form from smiling, frowning, or squinting.

We can also use Botox to treat TMJ disorders. Patients with TMD often have reoccurring headaches and facial pain. Botox freezes the facial muscles to help reduce muscle pain. Our office may recommend Botox injections in addition to other treatments like night guards if you have chronic TMJ pain.

Botox Treatment in Tulsa, OK

Before treatment, you will consult with Dr. Cha to discuss your aesthetic goals. He will also review your medical and prescription histories to ensure you qualify for this treatment.

During the Botox procedure, you can expect these steps:

  • Cleanse your face
  • Numb and mark the injection areas
  • Use a thin needle to inject a small amount of Botox beneath your skin quickly
  • Cleanse your skin

Botox treatment usually takes less than 15 minutes. Most people see results in three to five days, though some take up to two weeks. The effects of Botox last three to six months. You can repeat the treatment as necessary.

What is a Dermal Filler?

Dermal fillers are a safe and effective way to smooth wrinkles and lines and add volume to your skin. Dr. Cha offers dermal fillers to rejuvenate and refresh your face. A dermal filler is an injectable gel-like solution that softens facial lines and creases. There are two common types of fillers: Hyaluronic acid and Poly-lactic acid fillers.

Hyaluronic acid is a water-retaining substance already present in our skin. Polylactic acid is a biodegradable synthetic substance commonly used for medical purposes. Juvaderm, Perlane, and Restylane are hyaluronic-acid-based fillers. Sculptra contains poly-L-lactic acid. Some dermal fillers contain a mild anesthetic to increase comfort during treatment.

Dr. Cha offers facial rejuvenation with these dermal fillers:

  • Juvederm
  • Perlane
  • Restylane
  • Sculptra

He uses dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation to:

  • Erase crow’s feet around your eyes
  • Fill acne scars
  • Increase fullness in your lips
  • Reduce vertical lip lines
  • Restore volume under your eyes or in your cheeks
  • Add definition to your chin
  • Smooth lines around your nose and mouth
  • Soften frown lines on your forehead or wrinkles between your eyebrows

How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

Before treatment begins, you will consult with Dr. Cha to discuss your aesthetic goals. He will review your medical and prescription histories, explain your treatment options, and discuss expected results.

During the 20-minute treatment, Dr. Cha will complete these steps:

  • Cleanse your skin and numb the injection areas
  • Mark the injection sites
  • Perform quick, tiny injections with precise amounts of dermal filler into the treatment areas
  • Cleanse your skin

You should notice the results immediately. Occasionally, people experience mild bruising, redness, or itching. The results from dermal fillers last six to 24 months. These results can last depending on the product used, the target areas, and each patient. You can repeat dermal filler treatment in our Tulsa office to maintain results.

Botox and Fillers: Aftercare

We will provide instructions on how to care for your skin after fillers and Botox treatment in our Tulsa, OK, office. After treatment, you can follow these tips for quick and comfortable healing: 

  • Avoid putting pressure on your face. Directly after you receive Botox or fillers, you want to avoid putting any pressure on your face. When lying down, avoid pressing your cheek on the pillow. 
  • Use a cold compress. After Botox and filler treatments, side effects, including swelling or redness, are normal. We recommend applying a cold compress (ice pack) for fifteen minutes at a time to
  • Keep your head elevated. Directly after you get Botox or fillers, keep your head elevated. Sleeping with your head elevated will increase blood flow to reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Avoid exercise for 24 hours. Avoid strenuous activities like heavy lifting and exercise for one to two days. Your injections can move from their positions. 
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water after fillers or Botox treatment keeps your skin hydrated.

You will see your first results from Botox within several days. It can take 10 to 14 days to see the full results from Botox injections. You will see results from fillers directly after treatment. However, fillers can take several weeks to integrate fully with the skin. 

Please ask us any questions you have about caring for your skin after treatment. We’re here to help.

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