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Crown turning dark

I had to have a root canal done on a front tooth (#9). He put a tooth colored post in and a porcelain crown. I loved how the porcelain crown looked. It has been slowly turning darker, but they tell me that is because the tooth underneath is getting darker and showing through. I hate how it looks. I wanted to get the root canal re-done. He didn’t think that was a good idea because of the post. Instead he wants to do a lava crown to somewhat mask the gray. Isn’t there anyway to have the gray completely gone?

Jeremy N.- Orlando, FL


I think the best idea for you would be to take the added time and trouble to do the job right. Because the post is tooth colored, it is probably made of fiberglass. They can be safely removed. So, have your dentist remove it, clean out the tooth thoroughly, you can even do tooth whitening if necessary, then place another porcelain crown on it giving you the smile you desire. You might look for a more experienced cosmetic dentist to do this procedure, then go back to your dentist for regular care.

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