Considerations When Getting Dentures

I’m in need of replacements for all my teeth. I know dentures have improved, but I’m wondering what considerations I need to think through before choosing where to get them.


Dear Dan,

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Are dentures your best option?

I’m glad you’ve written. There are many things to take into account when you’re talking about replacing teeth. First, your age. You may wonder what age has to do with it, but it is probably the most important consideration. When your teeth are extracted, your body recognizes this and reabsorbs the minerals in your jawbone that are used to help retain the roots of your teeth. It takes those minerals and places them where it believes they’ll be more useful. It’s efficient, but after about ten years or so, you no longer will have enough bone density to retain your dentures. This is known as facial collapse. So, you need to consider how long you’re planning on wearing dentures. In ten years, you’ll not have a way of eating.

There is a way to prevent this problem. You need prosthetics placed into your jaw bone. Your body recognizes these as teeth roots and leaves your jawbone intact. These prosthetics are called dental implants. Your dentist can place porcelain crowns on top of them to replace your teeth. That leads me to your second consideration.

Who Should Create Your Dentures or Dental Implants?

Whether or not you choose dentures or dental implants you’ll want them to be natural looking and attractive. The dentist you choose is by far the biggest factor in that. Dentures no longer have to look fake. A skilled cosmetic dentist can give you a gorgeous smile, a smile more attractive than the one you lost when your teeth were extracted. You may be wondering how you’d find that magic dentist. The easiest way is to look up an AACD accredited dentist at

If by chance you can’t find one in a reasonable distance to your home, try the website. They also recommend highly skilled cosmetic dentists, many of whom are on their way toward accreditation.

Implant Overdentures

The cost of dental implants is pretty steep. Few people can afford to replace each tooth with one. That’s where implant overdentures can save you a significant amount of money. This uses four or six dental implants to anchor your dentures to your jaw. Obviously, the more implants you have the better, but this is an affordable way to get started. There is also the option of snap-on dentures, which only utilizes two implants.

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