Please Tell Me I Have Options Other Than Dentures?

I’ve stopped crying long enough to write you. I’m 28 years old. My parents never took me to the dentist. I didn’t really think about it much until last week when my new job told me I had dental insurance. That was kind of exciting. So, I was thrilled to get to go to the dentist for the first time. That feeling quickly turned from elation to despair. He told me that my teeth were a wreck and he should pull them all and replace them with dentures. He really pressured me to do it right then. I was in shock. Dentures! At my age! I burst into tears. That’s when he grew impatient and said, “What did I expect when I neglected my teeth my entire life.” I got angry and walked out. I haven’t neglected my teeth. I brush AND floss everyday, which people who have been to the dentist don’t do. Also, how was it my fault my parents couldn’t afford to take us to the dentist? Is there any chance he’s wrong? I’d think if my teeth were in that bad of shape, I’d know somehow. Wouldn’t I be in pain or even see cavities? If he’s not wrong, are dentures my only option. Please help me!

Annabelle P.

Dear Annabelle,

Tulsa Dentures

Wow! I’m not sure what to say. Mostly, I feel sorrowful that your first experience with the dentist was this negative. Not all dentists are as grumpy as the one you experienced. And they certainly would not have such a pessimistic attitude about your dental health.

You may not feel this way right now, but there is hope. In fact, I’m pretty sure you won’t need dentures at your age. I have no idea why your dentist just jumped right to dentures. That’s generally an absolute last resort, even if you do have to remove all of your teeth.

The first step for you is to get a second opinion and see what the true condition of your teeth is. Most dentists will make it their first priority to save as many teeth as absolutely possible. If you do need to have some teeth removed, dentures won’t be their top recommendation.

Alternatives to Dentures

There are several alternatives to dentures. Most of which are a better option.

Dental Implants

Tulsa Dental implant

This is the ideal tooth replacement. As you can see from the image on the left, this puts a prosthetic tooth root into your jawbone to stabilize a dental crown. The crown serves as the visible part of your teeth. The stability of the implant allows you to eat, drink, and care for your teeth as you normally would.

A Dental Bridge

Tulsa Dental Bridge

Another good option is a dental bridge. It uses the teeth on either side of the extracted tooth to anchor your new false tooth. These are especially useful when the adjacent teeth are needing crowns to begin with. It’s a little less expensive than dental implants as well.

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How Custom Designed Can Porcelain Veneers Be Made?

After the last election I grew discouraged and decided to do something about it. So, I’m running for office. My wife insists I need to improve my smile. She suggests porcelain veneers. I do have an unattractive smile. My teeth are cigarette stained and chipped. One of them is even missing. But, I don’t want my smile made too perfect or I think I won’t be viewed as trustworthy. How custom made can these things be done?

Matt M.

Dear Matt,

Tulsa Porcelain Veneers

It’s noble that you’re wanting to make a difference and are actually doing something about it instead of merely complaining but taking no action. If your smile is unattractive, then your wife is correct. One of the first things people notice about us is our smile. And unfortunately, they’ll make preconceived judgments about us based on its appearance.

Based on your description of your teeth, porcelain veneers will be a perfect solution for you. They can be custom designed to the minutest details. However, how successful and attractive the smile will be, depends a lot on the dentist you choose.

You can have two different dentists work on the exact same smile, attempting the same design, and you’ll get two different results. Ideally, you want a skilled and artistic cosmetic dentist. So, how do you go about finding one of those? The top cosmetic dentists in the world have achieved accreditation level with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ( They can tell you where the closest accredited cosmetic dentists are to your area.

The great news is most of them will have some form of a beautiful smile guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting exactly the smile you want.

As for your missing tooth, the best solution will be to get a single dental implant. This is the closest thing to having a natural healthy tooth as you can get.

Best of success with your political endeavors. Our country needs statesmen more than politicians.

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