Problems with Crest 3d whitening toothpaste

I’ve been taking baby steps to whiten my teeth, because I didn’t want to all of a sudden show up with news reporter white teeth at my church, so I’ve been using Crest’s 3D Advanced Whitening toothpaste. I’ve seen some very minor improvement (I mean very minor). But now the inside of my mouth is starting to “peel” off. Peel off isn’t the best way to describe it, but it is the best i’ve got.  Do you understand what I’m saying or do you need more info. Have you heard this before?

Kim A.- Backoo, ND


I think I do understand what  you are trying to say. I looked through the ingredients and noticed it contains sodium lauryl sulfate. This is not an unusual ingredient in toothpaste. There are some potential side effects such as  skin irritation, inflammation, sloughing off of oral tissues, and mouth ulcers.

I can understand wanting to whiten your teeth gradually. You can do that with professional teeth whitening. You may be thinking of Zoom Whitening, which completes the whitening process in just one appointment. There is another type of professional teeth whitening that you can do at home. This gradually whitens your teeth, so that it won’t be a drastic difference between church visits.

The reason you’re only seeing  minor results from the Crest toothpaste is that it is only designed to remove surface stains. It cannot truly whiten your teeth the way the gel your dentist will provide can.

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Whitening a fake tooth

I have a missing front tooth. I have a retainer with a fake tooth attached to it.  I’ve been saving up for a dental implant.  I’m about a year away from being able to afford it.  I want to whiten my teeth before I get my implant so I can have a white one made. Will my fake tooth whiten with my other teeth?

Jess- Oregon


Unfortuanately, fake teeth do not whiten. It is only possible to whiten natural teeth. That leaves you with a difficult decision.  You’ll want to whiten your teeth  about a month before you get your implant crown. That will insure your dentist can match the color perfectly. This means that you’ll have a fake tooth that will be a different color from your whitened teeth for a short time.

If that makes you uncomfortable you can do teeth whitening done now and get a new prosthetic tooth. That may cost you a couple of hundred dollars, which may make it take a little longer for you to get to the amount you need for your dental implant. I know that is probably a hard decision. Just know now matter which you decide, in the end you’ll have a gorgeous white smile.

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.