Can you place new dentures on existing implants?

I have some old implants and I wondered if they can be used on new dentures or will I have to get them replaced?

Phillip D.- Colorado Springs, Co


It is possible to use existing implants to put a permanent denture in, although there are some exceptions. Your dentist will probably want to get a CT scan to make sure they are all properly placed, that the bone is still of good quality, and that no implants are poking through anywhere like your sinus cavity.

If all that is OK, than you can probably have a denture placed. The old dental implants may affect your range of options for your implants, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

How much dental work can be done in one appointment?

I have a LOT of dental work that needs to be done. 5 root canals, several fillings, a tooth that needs to be lengthened, and I might as well get some whitening done too. I’d like to do as much of it as possible in one appointment. How possible is that?

Jeremy A.- Las Vegas


Each individual dentist is different on how much they’ll do in one sitting. Generally, the dentists that will do the most work per sitting uses sedation dentistry. If you’re not comfortable with sedation and you can tolerate dental work well, then you may be able to do a four hour sitting.

A general dentist can do your teeth whitening and fillings, as long as you don’t have a complicated case. Your root canals can probably be done in one appointment as long as they aren’t molars. If you do have molars that need root canals, you may want to see an endodontist. They can get a molar root canal done in about an hour, whereas a general dentist would probably take two hours for one of them.

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