Beautiful Smile Guarantee

We wanted to make everyone aware of our Beautiful Smile Guarantee. Dr. Cha didn’t want any patient of his to spend money on a smile they were not happy with, therefore he has a beautiful smile guarantee.

We begin with your smile design. Using computer imaging, we photoshop different smile designs onto the images until we get the smile you were looking for. After that we do a wax mock up before even beginning your veneers in the lab. Once we’re satisfied with the mock up, we design temporary veneers that you can wear to make sure you are happy with the results. If you’re not pleased with the temporary veneers, we go back to the lab as much as is necessary to get the results you were hoping for. We don’t place your permanent veneers until you are thrilled with your temporary ones. Even after the permanent new smile is made, Dr. Cha will put it on with try-in paste to be absolutely sure it is what you wanted. If you don’t love them, they will be adjusted or even re-made until you do. That is our beautiful smile guarantee.

If you would like to get a beautiful new smile, you may be interested in our Porcelain Veneers.

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