Whitening a fake tooth

I have a missing front tooth. I have a retainer with a fake tooth attached to it.  I’ve been saving up for a dental implant.  I’m about a year away from being able to afford it.  I want to whiten my teeth before I get my implant so I can have a white one made. Will my fake tooth whiten with my other teeth?

Jess- Oregon


Unfortuanately, fake teeth do not whiten. It is only possible to whiten natural teeth. That leaves you with a difficult decision.  You’ll want to whiten your teeth  about a month before you get your implant crown. That will insure your dentist can match the color perfectly. This means that you’ll have a fake tooth that will be a different color from your whitened teeth for a short time.

If that makes you uncomfortable you can do teeth whitening done now and get a new prosthetic tooth. That may cost you a couple of hundred dollars, which may make it take a little longer for you to get to the amount you need for your dental implant. I know that is probably a hard decision. Just know now matter which you decide, in the end you’ll have a gorgeous white smile.

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