Porcelain veneers or invisalign

I’m hoping you can help me. In order to improve my smile I decided to get porcelain veneers on my upper teeth. There are not a lot of major cosmetic issues, I just wanted them whiter and brighter. I have one minor crooked tooth, but nothing I would want braces for. The reason I’m writing is that my dentist is suggesting I get invisalign first, and then the veneers. That just seems like an unnecessary step. What do you think?

Kara- New Jersey


It is hard for me to tell without seeing your case. I guess it is possible you have a serious bite problem, and that is why he’s recommending invisalign. However, most cosmetic dentists would either recommend one or the other. It would be a good idea in this case to get a second opinion. When you go to the other dentist, don’t tell him what your dentist said, that way you are more likely to get a truly independent second opinion.

Porcelain veneers are a good option if there are problems with the shape of your teeth, or you are extremely impatient about getting your new smile.  They can also mask a crooked tooth.

Invisalign invisible braces can actually straighten your teeth. They are much faster than traditional braces, working in about 6-12 months. You’re also able to whiten your teeth simultaneously, because the aligners can also be used as teeth whitening trays. This is the option I would use if you are not in a huge hurry and the shape of your teeth are fine.

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