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Teeth too big

My front teeth are too big and set forward in my mouth. The result? I grew up being called beaver teeth. I’m now old enough to have enough money to do something about it, but I can’t figure out what to do. How do you recommend I fix this?

Stephanie H.- Boston


Children can be ridiculously cruel sometimes. Please bear in mind I haven’t seen your case, so my recommendations might not be what the right dentist would recommend after looking at your teeth.

I think your first step is to find an expert cosmetic dentist. Your case is beyond the capabilities of your average cosmetic dentist. Look on to find a quality cosmetic dentist in your area. All of the recommended dentists on that site are screen for their skill and artistry.

Now, for my recommendation. I think your teeth can be trimmed with diamond burs and strips on the sides and biting edge to make them shorter and narrower. Then you can have them moved back in with Invisalign.

Please don’t take this as the best and only course of treatment. I haven’t actually seen your teeth. The most important thing is to find a cosmetic dentist you can trust.

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