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Save my teeth

I have two teeth on the upper arch that my dentist wants to remove. They don’t bother me and I can still use them. I’ve told my dentist I want to save the teeth, but he wants to put in a partial denture. I am only 42. There is no way I want a denture. I told him to spare no expense in saving the teeth, but he is adamant. Wouldn’t they bother me more if this was a hopeless case?

Dana- Missouri


I don’t think you’ll ever convince your dentist to save your teeth. I can’t tell you for certain that they are saveable without seeing your case, but I suspect they may be. I think your dentist is looking for the easiest solution and here’s why. You’ve told him to spare no expense. If that is the case, then even if the teeth couldn’t be saved the best solution would be dental implants, not a removable denture.

To be honest I think you need to find another dentist. Look for one who is recommended by the website. They have listings by state. Many will be willing to do a complimentary consultation for a second opinion.

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Can you place new dentures on existing implants?

I have some old implants and I wondered if they can be used on new dentures or will I have to get them replaced?

Phillip D.- Colorado Springs, Co


It is possible to use existing implants to put a permanent denture in, although there are some exceptions. Your dentist will probably want to get a CT scan to make sure they are all properly placed, that the bone is still of good quality, and that no implants are poking through anywhere like your sinus cavity.

If all that is OK, than you can probably have a denture placed. The old dental implants may affect your range of options for your implants, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

What is the warranty on dental implants?

I wonder if you could tell me what the typical warranty is on dental implants? I had an implant done over a year ago.  I’ve had to clean it after every meal because food gets caught in the top of the crown. Now the crown is cracked and the food goes deeper inside. What should I do?

Brian from Minneapolis


Dentists don’t generally have warranties on their implants because there are so many factors involved in successful dental implants, including whether the patient properly cared for them. However, dentists do have integrity. Many are willing to stand behind their work. A porcelain crown should not crack after one year. Your dentist should be willing to replace it free of charge, though he or she is under no legal obligation to do so.

So you know for next time, food should not have gotten trapped in it to begin with. If that ever happens again, I’d get back with your dentist right away.

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.

Can’t keep my dentures in

I’m over 60 years old and have had dentures for much of my adult life. I can’t keep them in any more. Not even with adhesives. My dentist said I don’t have enough of a ridge left. What do you recommend? I’m having a lot of trouble eating and am losing too much weight.

Mildred K. from Ohio


You are in a tough spot. I’m guessing that no one warned you about facial collapse when you first got dentures. As young as you were when you received them, I wish they would have. Once your teeth are extracted your body begins to reabsorb all the minerals in your jawbone to use elsewhere in your body. After about 10-20 years there isn’t enough bone left to support your dentures. When that happens you need to get bone grafting done in order to build back up bone structure. It is a complicated process.

After that is done, you have two options. First, you can get dentures again, bearing in mind you will have the same problem after the bone has reabsorbed again. Or, you can get dental implants. They are more expensive than dentures, but the root form of the implants makes your body think the tooth root is still there and leaves your jawbone intact. They are much more comfortable and functional the dentures as well.

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Dental implants with gum disease

I’ve got two dental implants already. This week my front tooth came out. Right now I have pretty substantial gum disease. I don’t just want a false tooth. I’d really rather have an implant, but wondered if I am a candidate when I have gum disease?

Brent W.- Little Rock


As long as you are in good general health it is fine to get dental implants. In your case it is important you go to a highly qualified implant dentist. You’ll need to make sure they have significant implant qualifications. The reason for this is your periodontal disease. You don’t want the periodontal disease you have to infect the dental implants. One of the reasons for dental implant failure is infection.

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.