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Dentist Ruined My Front Teeth

I had two front teeth which slightly overlapped. I decided dental bonding would be the more conservative route to go. Unfortunately, he ground the overlapping tooth down in the front and sides to make it look straight. Then, he ground down the adjacent teeth so far they were set back in the smile. He told me he’d build them back up with the bonding. Then, he proceeded to stain everything yellow to look “natural”. I argued with him about this but he did it anyway. So, now I’m in pain and have ugly front teeth. Honestly, the stain looks worse than my natural teeth. Is there anything which can be done to fix this or am I stuck like this?


Dear Miranda,

Woman with beautiful smile
The key to a beautiful smile is going to the best dentist

The biggest problem here is the dentist. It sounds like you went to a family dentist who dabbles in cosmetic dentistry, but isn’t skilled. Dental bonding requires a great deal of skill because it’s done freehand. After everything you’ve been through, you’ll be glad to hear I have some good new for you! Because your dentist ignored your instructions, you’re entitled to a full refund. Now you can get this done properly by a competent cosmetic dentist.

Finding the Best Cosmetic Dentist

You’ll need a top of the line cosmetic dentist. The mistakes your dentist made will take superior skills to repair. He or she will evaluate the best solution. They may re-do the dental bonding or, more likely do porcelain veneers. The benefits to the veneers over the bonding is longevity. Plus, porcelain will give a more stunning final result.

So, where will you find this miracle worker dentist? My suggestion is you look for a dentist who has reached accreditation level with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). AACD accredited dentists are the among the top 1% of cosmetic dentists in the world. Any one of them can give you the smile of your dreams. You can find them on their website

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.

Cosmetic Dental Disaster! Can it be Fixed?

I’ve had a cosmetic dentistry disaster. I asked my dentist about finding a cosmetic dentist so I could get a makeover. He said there isn’t a cosmetic dentistry specialty and they’re just general dentists who do cosmetic work. I didn’t realize that, so when he offered to do my smile makeover I figured I was safe. I think that was a huge mistake. My smile seems bulky and opaque. It’s very obvious they’re fake. They don’t look at all beautiful. Can this be fixed? If so, how?


Dear Ingrid,

Beautiful brunette woman with gorgeous smile
Getting a Gorgeous Smile Requires Finding the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Your Area

I’m very sorry this happened to you. While your dentist is technically right about there not being a cosmetic dentistry specialty, that doesn’t mean any general dentist can give you a gorgeous smile. Think about it in terms are art. Yes, many people graduate from art school, but aren’t some artists better than others? That’s what you’re facing.

You said the smile makeover you received is opaque and bulky. Is there any chance your dentist gave you Lumineers? That would explain both of those issues. There are many different brands of porcelain veneers, but Lumineers are often marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists as being easy to place. All that’s required for being certified in them is to watch a simple seminar. That’s it. Nothing which determines if they can do a good job or not.

Also, the Lumineers brand insists dentists use their lab, which isn’t thought to be that great among the cosmetic dentists who really know what they’re doing.

Finding the Best Dentist for a Smile Makeover

When you want a gorgeous smile, you need to find the best cosmetic dentist you can. But, as you’ve learned, it can be tricky. How can a patient know who is an artist and who isn’t? Fortunately, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) realized this was going to be a problem for patients. Because of that they began an accreditation program so patients would have a way of gauging the artistic and technical skill of dentists.

If a cosmetic dentist wants to be accredited they have to pass both an oral and written exam that clearly demonstrates they have advanced technical knowledge about the procedures, color theory, etc. In addition to that, there is a long list of cases where they have to submit photos of work they’ve actually done to demonstrate they’re not just knowledgeable but artistic.

An AACD accredited dentist can give you a gorgeous smile. In fact, most of them have a beautiful smile guarantee.

Can Your Smile Be Fixed?

The short answer is yes. But…. You were waiting for that “but” weren’t you? In order to get it fixed you’ll have to completely start over. I’d start by getting a refund from your current dentist. If he knows how unhappy you are with his results, he shouldn’t mind refunding the money. Though, he may not refund the lab fees, because he had to eat those.

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Avoiding a Dental Implant Horror Story

I keep hearing you have to be careful with who does your dental implants or it can be a complete disaster. I’ve read countless horror stories online. How do I find the best dentist to do my dental implants? I don’t want to end up another story on the internet.

Celina Y.

Dear Celina,

Illustration of dental implants in three parts

You’re wise to check ahead of time. I don’t know if you’ve already talked to your dentist about this. It could be that your dentist will be the best dentist for you, but let’s go through a few things first.

The Best Implant Dentist Will Have Extensive Post Graduate Training

There are several very reputable schools for dental implant study. General Dental school does not give enough training in such an advanced procedure. Never hesitate to ask a dentist where he received his (or her) implant training. Here are some of the best programs for that study:

  • The Misch International Implant Institute
  • The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI)
  • Dawson Academy

The Best Implant Dentist Can Do Both the Surgery and the Restorative Crown

Many mistakes are made regarding dental implants because of simple miscommunication between the dentist and the surgeon. If the surgeon places the implant in the wrong place, then what? You’ll have to have the implant completely re-done, which would mean the additional procedure of bone grafting and then a second surgery. Believe it or not, this happens more often than you’d think.

When the dentist and the surgeon are the same, there isn’t that danger. The dentist knows exactly where the implant needs to be placed for optimum security and aesthetic value.

The Best Implant Dentist Can Give You a Beautiful Restoration

You don’t want to just have a secure implant. You’ll also want a beautiful restoration. Check out your dentist’s smile gallery to make sure the dental crowns they craft are natural looking.

If your implant is being placed in a visible spot, and you’re not completely satisfied with the color of your teeth you’ll want to get them whitened before you have the implant crown made. Once the crowns completed, the color cannot be changed.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Jerome Cha.

What Do I Look For in the Best Cosmetic Dentist?

I want to get drop dead gorgeous porcelain veneers. My aunt, who’s filthy rich, asked me what I dream about. I told her having a smile which doesn’t embarrass me. Then she handed me a blank check and said. “Go go it.” She was serious, too. I burst into tears. Now that I have this dream as a possibility, I want to do it right. How do I go about finding the best cosmetic dentist?

Thank you,

Dear LeeAnne,

A single porcelain veneer being held by a dental tool

How exciting! You have a very generous aunt. You’re also wise to be doing research before investing in a permanent smile. I’m sorry you’ve spent your life feeling embarrassed about your smile. If it’s any consolation about half of all Americans feel the same way.

When it comes to finding the best cosmetic dentist, there are three skills that are of equal importance.

  • Technical Skill
  • An Artistic Eye
  • Empathy

The first one always makes sense to patients. Of course you want a dentist with the skill to do the procedure, but what do artistry and empathy have to do with it?

Creating a beautiful smile is like creating a work of art. Two artists can have the same subject and their painting will turn out completely different depending on their level of artistry. The same is true with porcelain veneers. The dentist has to understand how facial shape, smile width, subtleties of color, and shape of the teeth all work together to create a portrait of sorts.

Empathy is equally important. You sort of explained why during your question. You have lived with a smile that you’ve been ashamed of your whole life. You want one to be proud of. You need a cosmetic dentist who understands this is about how YOU feel about the results. Not how he feels. You don’t want a dentist who lets pride in his “creation” get in the way of giving you your dream smile.

How Do You Find the Best Cosmetic Dentist?

The easiest way to locate a skilled, artistic cosmetic dentist is through the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ( They have an accreditation program to separate the sheep from the goats. With no offense intended to goats. They have to pass stringent oral and written exams as well as demonstrate artistry in a list of recent cases they’ve completed. Bear in mind that being a member and being an accredited member are different.

Not everyone has an accredited dentist near them and there are some fantastic dentists on their way toward accreditation that just haven’t finished yet. It’s a long process. In that case, check out the website. They recommend skilled artistic dentists by zip code and the distance you’re willing to travel.

But what about empathy? How do you measure that ahead of time? I’d suggest two things. First, check their reviews. What type of experience have other patients had with them. Second, make sure they have some sort of beautiful smile guarantee. By that I don’t mean a smile they think is beautiful, but one YOU love. Check out Dr. Cha’s guarantee to see what I mean.

I hope this helps!

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Jerome Cha.

My Dentist Says I’m Being Unreasonable

I saved up for years to get a smile makeover. My dentist and I decided on Lumineers so that we wouldn’t have to grind my teeth. I did read that you should ask a dentist to try the Lumineers on first to make sure you like them before he bonds them on completely. I told him that’s what I wanted. He said okay. But, when the time came he didn’t try them on. He just bonded them onto my teeth without me even looking at them. I didn’t realize that’s what he was doing. I thought it was the try-in. When I first saw them I burst into tears. They’re so bulky they look like horse teeth and the color looks chalky, not natural. It’s so obvious these aren’t my teeth. I told him I didn’t want them and he said they’re already bonded. What?? Now I can’t fix this and I want my money back, but he’s refusing and saying I’m being unreasonable. Am I?

Miranda D.

Dear Miranda,

A Woman Giving a Thumbs up in the dental chair

Not only are you not being unreasonable, but your dentist has behaved unethically. He completed a procedure without your permission. If you turned him into the dental board, he’d get in a lot of trouble. You have a fantastic case for a full refund.

The biggest problem you’re facing at this point is your dentist is likely a decent general dentist but is in over his head with cosmetic procedures. There are a few things that lead me to believe this. He made several mistakes that the best cosmetic dentists would never make.

How Do You Know if You Have the Best Cosmetic Dentist?

First, his dependence on Lumineers is an error. Lumineers are highly marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists as being easy to place because they don’t require tooth preparation. Unfortunately, the result will often end up like you’ve experienced with bulky teeth.

It’s a common misconception that your teeth have to be ground down for porcelain veneers. That’s not true. Dental crowns require grinding. Veneers usually require mild tooth shaving.

Second, he didn’t use a try-in paste. Even without you requesting him to let you approve the veneers before they’re permanently bonded he should have done that. Good cosmetic dentists ALWAYS do that. In fact, most of them have a beautiful smile guarantee.

Third, he didn’t care that you weren’t satisfied. A true cosmetic dentist would be horrified if a patient was so dissatisfied with their work it caused them to cry. They would instantly offer to do them over.

You need to get a little forceful about your refund. Remind him he bonded them on without your approval and you’ll be taking it to the dental board. That should be enough to light a fire under him. Then, go to a dentist who’s accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. If they’ve reached accreditation level, you’ll get a stunning smile.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Jerome Cha.

Dental Crowns for a Tooth Gap? Run Away From This Dentist!

I need some advice. I have a tooth gap which I finally decided to take action on it. I spoke to my dentist about repairing. The gap is between my two front teeth. It’s not huge, but it is always on my mind when I smile. I want to feel confident. My dentist suggested I get two dental crowns put on my front teeth. I’m not keen on that because the teeth are healthy. Grinding them down to nubs means I’ll always have to wear dental crowns, right? Are there any other options that are less invasive?

Jill R.

Dear Jill,

I’m really relieved you wrote and asked before moving forward with your dentist’s disastrous treatment plan. It’s incredible to me that you recognize the fallacy in this type of “solution”. Yes, you’d be stuck with dental crowns for the rest of your life. Why get rid of all that healthy tooth structure when there are much simpler solutions. However, because your dentist didn’t suggest them it likely means he’s not comfortable doing them. Dentists are proud creatures. If you pressure him into it, he’ll do it rather than admit he’s not good at it. The results will be disastrous. This is not the best dentist for you. I’d really plan on you finding a new one.

So, planning on getting a new dentist for this treatment, what options are available to you?

First, you could close the gap with orthodontics. It used to be that even adults were stuck with a mouth full of metal if they wanted to straighten their teeth. That’s no longer true. In fact, you can straighten your teeth without anyone even knowing that you’re doing it. The aligners truly are invisible, even at a conversational distance.

However, if the only thing wrong with your teeth is that small gap, then you may feel that full blown orthodontics is a bit of an overtreatment. In that case, you can just do dental bonding to close the gap. It uses a white composite filling material to match the color of your teeth. It takes an artistic cosmetic dentist to do this procedure because he will sculpt it by hand.

This next option only should be considered if you’re interested in a complete smile makeover. Using porcelain veneers, you can completely change the shape and character of your smile. It can change not just the shape, but the size and color, as well as cover things like chips and gaps. Like dental bonding, this procedure also requires an expert cosmetic dentist. Ideally, you’d want a dentist who’s reached accreditation level with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Accredited Cosmetic Dentists are among the top 1% in the world in both skill and artistry. Any smile they create for you will be stunning. In fact, most of them even have a beautiful smile guarantee.

I hope this helps you in your decision making. This blog is brought to you by Dr. Jerome Cha.

How Can I Get My Dentist a Best Dentist Award?

I saw a dentist advertise that he’s been voted “Best Dentist” in our state. I don’t have anything against this dentist, but I’d love for my dentist to get nominated. He’s one of the most giving people I’ve ever met. Not only does he do a great job, but when my husband lost his job and my daughter got a cavity, he did all the work pro bono. He didn’t have to do that. We didn’t even ask. He heard about it from someone else and just offered. When I needed some bonding done because of a chipped tooth it was done beautifully. He’s just a great dentist. So, I want to get him recognized as well. I’m asking you because I’ve heard you’ve won awards, but you’re in a different state from my dentist. So, no competition. Haha

Penelope G.

Dear Penelope,

There are different types of awards dentists can win. Sometimes, they’re clinical awards within the industry. Those are generally awards given in cosmetic dentistry for dentists who do beautiful work. Another type is a peer award where dentists in a state will vote for dentists they think do a great job. Neither of those will you be able to impact. However, some cities do “Best” awards. Usually it’s a local magazine where patron can vote for their favorite restaurant, dance studio, dentist, etc.. That one you could have an impact on by voting for him.

However, there are other things you can do which will both encourage him and build up his business. The first is simply write him a letter letting him know how much his kindness and beautiful work has meant to your family. At times when he’s exhausted, the memory of that note may keep him going.

Another thing you can do is write him great reviews on site like Google and Yelp. When people move into an area and are looking for caregivers those reviews hold weight. The same can be said when patients are unhappy with their caregiver and are looking for another. Knowing that you’ve had a great experience with your dentist may bring him more clientele.

It’s lovely to know patients notice the extra effort dentists put into their work. Be specific in your review, especially about the cosmetic work you’ve had done. Let them know you obtained beautiful results.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Jerome Cha.

Afraid the Dentist Will Kill Me

I have to find a dentist. Normally, I get my teeth looked after by our local hygiene school. They’re thorough and do a good job. But, if an issue pops up you have to go to a dentist. I’ve never had an issue pop up so never really worried about it. But, that all changed at my last appointment. I need to get a tooth looked after and they said it could be saved with a crown, but I need to be prepared for the fact that it will likely need to be extracted. I’m quite afraid of the dentist. I realize that you probably consider that silly. But, I keep seeing stories like this one where people die from sedation. How can I be sure the dentist won’t kill me?

Stephanie – Boston


It’s not silly to be afraid of the dentist. In fact, many patients are. Sedation dentistry has done a lot to help with that. But, when you have tragedies, such as the one suffered by that little boy, it can make frightened patients more frightened.

My understanding of that case is the dentist wasn’t certified, though for certain types of sedation that’s not required. However, he also gave a significantly excessive dose of sedative drugs to the child, well above the recommendation. I was appalled when I realized how much medicine he gave that preschooler.

So, how do you prevent such a tragedy from happening to yourself?

When you’re looking for the best dentist in this type of situation, the first thing I’d ask is whether or not the dentist is DOCS certified (The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation). You’ll also want to be certain your vital signs are monitored at all times. There should be a separate person doing this, not the dentist. He or she will be too busy with the procedure to give your vitals adequate attention.

Additionally, it would be great if the dentist and their staff are ACLS certified (Advanced Cardiac Life Support). In any medical procedure there are risks, whether there’s sedation or not. Every medical professional should be prepared for the worst-case scenarios in order to give their patients the best care possible.

Hopefully, a crown will be available to you. An extraction should always be a last resort.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Jerome Cha.


How Do I Choose the Best Dentist?

Is there a way to find the best dentist before spending money and realizing you don’t like the dentist?

Alicia L. – Rhode Island


This is tricky. There aren’t any guarantees, but there are some things you can do to give yourself a leg up on finding the best dentist for your situation.

  1. Decide what you want as your services. Are you only interested in general dental services, such as basic check-ups and cleanings, along  with any requisite treatments needed for fillings and such? Or, are you also interested in cosmetic services?
  2. If you want a general dentist, then decide if you want a mercury-free dentist (meaning doesn’t place silver, amalgam fillings). If you want a mercury-free dentist, they’ll generally advertise as such on their website. Doing a Google search for that term specifically should yield a lot of options for you.
  3. If you want a dentist who also does cosmetic procedures, such as porcelain veneers, then I would search for a dentist accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Be aware that accreditation is different than membership. Any dentist can become a member of the AACD. Accreditation requires passing stringent exams as well as demonstration of actual cases so they can gauge your artistic ability. Only the top dentists in the world reach accreditation level. But, if you want a smile makeover, you want to make sure it will be stunning.
  4. After you’ve decided what type of services you want and find a list of dentists from a Google search that meet your criteria, it would be prudent to check their reviews. There are plenty of sites, such as Google, Yelp, etc., which allow patients to document their experiences with service professionals. If everybody is complaining that he are she was rude or doesn’t spend much time with the patient you know not to waste your time.

Other than those things, it’s just a matter of trying the dentist out and seeing how you feel about their work.

Best of luck to you!

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Jerome Cha.

What Cosmetics Would I Do for a Knockout Smile?

I’ve come into a lot of money. I mean A LOT. I’m so excited. The first thing I did is buy my first new car.  Now I want to get a drop dead gorgeous smile. Where do I start?

Angela L. – Arizona


Congratulations on your windfall.  It sounds like you’re having an exciting time right now. You didn’t mention what you were wanting to change about your smile. IF there are no other issues except cosmetics, the top of the line treatment for changing the shape, size, and color of your teeth is porcelain veneers.

However, what procedure isn’t the most important thing for you to research. The most important thing you need to do is choose the best cosmetic dentist.  That’s what can make or break your smile.

You find the right dentist. He or she will know the right procedure, and how to make it look exceptional.

My recommendation is you go to a cosmetic dentist who is accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Accredited dentists are among the top 1% of cosmetic dentists in the world.  They have both the technical skill and knowledge, paired with artistry and proven results.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Jerome Cha.