My Dentist Lied about Porcelain Veneers

My dentist made me four porcelain veneers. When they came in, he held them up for me to look at. I told them they looked bulky but he assured me that’s because they weren’t bonded on yet and that once they were bonded on I’d see they were perfect. He’s the cosmetic dentist so I thought he knew what he was talking about. When they were bonded, they looked even worse than I imagined. Even worse, you could see the teeth next to them which didn’t match in color. It makes it very obvious my other teeth have had work done. I told him I didn’t like them but he said nothing could be done now that they’re bonded on. Is there anything I can do or am I stuck with these?


Dear Marianna,

A single porcelain veneer being held by a dental tool

Calling your dentist a cosmetic dentist is a little generous at this point. He’s made so many fundamental mistakes I don’t know where to begin. First, let’s start with the mismatched teeth. At a minimum, your dentist should have suggested you whiten your teeth before getting porcelain veneers. That way they’d have a better chance of blending in with the veneered teeth. Ideally, your dentist should have suggested you get the number of veneers necessary to cover the teeth which are visible when you smile. Most cosmetic dentists do six for narrow smiles and 8-10 for wide smiles.

Secondly, he didn’t bother to use a try-in paste, so you could see the veneers on your teeth without the restriction of permanently bonding them. Either he didn’t bother learning the basics of his craft or he doesn’t care.

Here’s what I want you to do. First, give him a chance to make this right by giving you a refund. If he refuses, I want you go to an expert cosmetic dentist and have him look at your case. If he agrees with you, he can call your dentist and put some pressure on him. Sometimes a dentist is more willing to listen to a peer.

How to Find an Expert Cosmetic Dentist

It’s hard for patients to know who is qualified and artistic enough to create a beautiful smile for them. Even if you could interview them ahead of time about their training and technique, you likely wouldn’t know what was a good answer. Fortunately, there are two great resources for patients in your position.

  • The American Academy of Cosmetic Detnistry

The AACD has an accreditation program which vigorously tests dentists in both their technical skills and artistry. Anyone can be a member, but accredited members are the cream of the crop. You will get a beautiful smile. In fact, many of them even have a beautiful smile guarantee.


If there isn’t an AACD accredited dentist in your area, there’s still hope. I’d look on the website. You can input your zip code and the number of miles you’re willing to travel and they’ll recommend expert cosmetic dentists in that radius.

Best of luck to you.
This blog is brought to you by Dr. Jerome Cha.

Avoiding a Dental Implant Horror Story

I keep hearing you have to be careful with who does your dental implants or it can be a complete disaster. I’ve read countless horror stories online. How do I find the best dentist to do my dental implants? I don’t want to end up another story on the internet.

Celina Y.

Dear Celina,

Illustration of dental implants in three parts

You’re wise to check ahead of time. I don’t know if you’ve already talked to your dentist about this. It could be that your dentist will be the best dentist for you, but let’s go through a few things first.

The Best Implant Dentist Will Have Extensive Post Graduate Training

There are several very reputable schools for dental implant study. General Dental school does not give enough training in such an advanced procedure. Never hesitate to ask a dentist where he received his (or her) implant training. Here are some of the best programs for that study:

  • The Misch International Implant Institute
  • The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI)
  • Dawson Academy

The Best Implant Dentist Can Do Both the Surgery and the Restorative Crown

Many mistakes are made regarding dental implants because of simple miscommunication between the dentist and the surgeon. If the surgeon places the implant in the wrong place, then what? You’ll have to have the implant completely re-done, which would mean the additional procedure of bone grafting and then a second surgery. Believe it or not, this happens more often than you’d think.

When the dentist and the surgeon are the same, there isn’t that danger. The dentist knows exactly where the implant needs to be placed for optimum security and aesthetic value.

The Best Implant Dentist Can Give You a Beautiful Restoration

You don’t want to just have a secure implant. You’ll also want a beautiful restoration. Check out your dentist’s smile gallery to make sure the dental crowns they craft are natural looking.

If your implant is being placed in a visible spot, and you’re not completely satisfied with the color of your teeth you’ll want to get them whitened before you have the implant crown made. Once the crowns completed, the color cannot be changed.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. Jerome Cha.