Can Porcelain Veneers Cause Bad Breath and Taste?


If I’m using good oral care after getting porcelain veneers. I brush several times a day and floss, but I keep having an unpleasant taste in my mouth. I fear that is also causing bad breath. Could the porcleain veneers be the problem?

Brianna – Montana


Have you spoken to your dentist? Did he run tests? Generally, the symptoms you describe are generally symptoms of decay. If the problem started with your porcelain veneers, it could be an issue of microleakage.

Sometimes the bonding could have some gaps that allow for bacteria to enter and cause decay under your porcelain veneers. This is a serious problem and can cause you to loose a lot more than your porcelain veneers.

A second opinion would not be amiss here. I’d prefer you see an expert cosmetic dentist. Your safest (and best bet) would be to see an accredited dentist with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

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Can White be the Shade I Want…Not My Dentist?

I went to the dentist to get white teeth. I wanted teeth whitening. He suggested lumineers to change their shape too. I will admit they were a little on the short side. I was fine with that because I was going for a more attractive smile anyway. I was clear what shade of white I wanted. The whiteness was the whole reason I cam to begin with. It turns out he put some kind of stain on the lumineers in order to make them look more “natural”. He insists this is the right way to do it. I had the natural look before my makeover. I wanted whiter, younger looking teeth. Shouldn’t it be up to me? I haven’t let him put them in and he’s frustrated with me.

Miranda L – Sacramento, CA


I’m afraid you’re getting a smile makeover by an inexperienced cosmetic dentist. The first clue to that was the fact he recommended Lumineers. These are often marketed to beginning cosmetic dentists as easy to place. Most skilled cosmetic dentists prefer to use other brands because the lumineers lab isn’t that great and their veneers generally turn out looking bulky.

The second clue to me that a different cosmetic dentist would be a good idea is his insistence they look natural, instead of white. In dental school, we’re taught that we know what is best for the patient. But, as we study cosmetic work, we learn it’s different than that. We know that it is about the way the patient wants their teeth to look.

It’s great that you didn’t let him bond them on. Once they’re bonded, it’s too late.

You might want to go to a more experienced cosmetic dentist. Look for someone who is accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. The porcelain veneers can be as white as you want.

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