If you disagree with your dentist, should you switch?

I wanted to get a white filling, but my dentist says the amalgams are better. Should I just get that or should I go to a different dentist?

Dania F. – Florida


If I were in your place I would go to a different dentist.  White fillings, also called composite, are actually superior to amalgam fillings.  I suspect he is pushing toward the amalgams because he isn’t skilled in placing composites.

Especially if he is an older dentist, it wouldn’t have been training that he would have received in dental school. He would need to get post-graduate training  to do those well.  They’re a different technique than what he’s used to.

You’ll want to go to the best dentist possible to serve your needs.  It doesn’t sound like your current dentist is keeping up with the current technology and advancements.

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If I want dentures, do I need a dentist or oral surgeon?

I haven’t been to the dentist in years. I have an irrational fear of dentists.  As a result, almost all my teeth are disentegrating. Even the ones that aren’t have cavities.  My mouth is quite embarrassing. I think it is time to get dentures, but I’ll have to get my failing teeth removed first.  Will I go to an oral surgeon for that or just a dentist?

Taylor T. – Kentucky


You’ve asked an important question.  You’ll want to go to a dentist that does the surgery and the dentures.  The reason for that is there is coordination that needs to happen between the surgery and the dentures.  If you’re going to two seperate clinics, you’re going to lose some accuracy in translation.  Plus, if you want immediate dentures (so you’ll never have to be in public without teeth) it is much easier to have them done by the same person.

In order to find a dentist that does both, call a dental clinic and ask them what their procedure is for extractions and dentures.  Don’t tell them you want them done by the same person, because they may say they’ll do that (even without the necessary experience) just to get your business. Just ask what they normally do.

I want to address one other thing. Your dental fear is probably not irrational. My guess would be that you had a very negative (and painful) dental appointment in your past. Many patients with dental anxiety actually had a traumatic dental appointment in childhood.  Because of your anxiety, I would also look for a dentist who does oral conscious sedation.  This will give you a pain free appointment, even with all the extractions.

I hope this helps.

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.