Can I whiten porcelain veneers?

I got porcelain veneers last year. I love the new shape of my teeth, but now want to whiten them.  My dentist says they can’t be whitened. Is there any option?

Susan A. – Georgia


Questions like yours always make my unhappy to answer.  Not because of you, but because of the situation you now find yourself in.  Once porcelain veneers are bonded on, nothing can be done to change the color.  With professional teeth whitening, the teeth behind them will bleach, but not the veneers themselves.

This situation emphasizes the importance of having your porcelain veneers done by an expert cosmetic dentist.  A dentist with experience and expertise would have encouraged you to get your teeth whitened before doing the veneers procedure. that way he or she could match your veneers to the level of whiteness you want to have on your teeth.

Unfortunately, your only option at this point is to have the veneers redone.  If you decide to do that, I suggest you see someone who is accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

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