Is my dentist just trying to get more money out of me?

I need to get dentures. It’s obvious I’m losing all my teeth. I’m fine with getting dentures, but my dentist keeps telling me all these horror stories about the dangers of dentures and why I need to get dental implants.  My father wore dentures and did just fine. I know dental implants cost more. Is he just trying to get more money out of me or is what he’s saying true?

Tom H. – Wisconsin


I don’t know exactly what your dentist has been telling you, but I can say with confidence that dental implants are by far a better treatment than dentures if you can afford them.

Dentures have problems:

  • They move
  • They cause you to lose jawbone
  • They can be uncomfortable
  • Food gets under them

All of these things can be solved by dental implants.  If I were in your place, and could afford it, I’d choose dental implants over dentures hands down.

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My new porclain veneers don’t match

I had gotten four porcelain veneers. They were great, but I realized that my smile didn’t work for just four.  You could see my natural teeth beside them and they just don’t look as good.  I decided to get four more, though I knew it would clean out my savings account.  After I got them, I was really disappointed. They’re pretty, but they don’t match my other veneers. I feel like this detracts from my smile.  Is there anything I can do to make them look similar? I’ve no money left.

Jennifer L. – Kentucky


I’m very sorry for your experience. I can imagine how frustrating it is to spend all your money only to end up with something disappointing.  Anything you try to do yourself to you porcelain veneers will likely end up damaging them.

The only way to fix them, is to re-do them.  I would share your disappointment with your dentist. A true cosmetic dentist would not be satisfied if his patient was disappointed.  He should re-do them, preferably free of charge.

If you have trouble getting him to re-do them or give you a refund, I suggest you go to an excellent cosmetic dentist in order to get a second opinion. I think you should go to someone who is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, that way you can be certain they are highly skilled in the porcelain veneer procedure.

Don’t tell them who your dentist is until you get his or her opinion.  If they agree that the veneers aren’t what they should be, they could mediate between you and your current dentist. It will improve your chances of a refund, because dentists generally care about what their peers think

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.