How fast can I get my teeth whitened?

I just got a call for a job interview. It’s my dream job and I never expected to even get the interview. How fast is it possible to get your teeth whitened. I want to make the best impression possible, by my interview is next week. Can that happen in a week?

Amanda I. – Chicago


Yes, it is possible. In fact, you can get your teeth brilliantly white in just one day. You’ll have to do in-office teeth whitening, with a system like Zoom.  It will get your teeth completely white in one appointment.

The trick may be finding a dentist that does Zoom and has an opening in that time. Fortunately, you live in Chicago, where there are lots of dentists.

Good luck with your job interview!

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Incompetent dentist

Can you help me with something?  I got a dental implant. It became loose so I went back to my dentist. He x-rayed it and said the implant itself was fine, which meant the crown was loose and it was an easy fix. He was trying to recement the crown, he could get it to budge. He said he was going try something else, but when he did the implant came out with the crown. Is this a common problem?

Olivia E. – Ohio


Absolutely not. In fact, I’m having trouble not thinking of your dentist as completely incompetent. Even if the x-ray was unclear, when the crown didn’t budge, it should have been pretty obvious the problem wasn’t the crown, but the implant.

A loose crown is serious and needs to be dealt with right away. Obviously, your dentist will have to deal with it now that it came out. However, his competence is in doubt and I doubt he’s the best dentist for this procedure. You might want to get a second opinion. It’s imperative to find out the reason for the implant failure. You’ll also need to bone grafting done in order to get anything reimplanted.

In this case, you could demand your dentist pay the cost of the repair. There’s enough bad dental care here for you to have legal leverage.

Sorry this happened to you.

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.