Best Cosmetic Dentists

I’ve noticed Dr. Cha is listed as one of the country’s best cosmetic dentists. I wondered if you guys could answer a question for me. I keep hearing how important it is for a cosmetic dentist to be artistic too. But, I’ve been thinking about that. Most dentists send the work out to a lab to do. So, wouldn’t it make more sense to make sure the lab is artistic?

Simone F. – Lafayette, LA


Though a good lab is imperative, they are dependent on the dentist to have artistic skills. Your wisest course is to look for the best cosmetic dentist and let them worry about the lab. Here is what the dentist has to do in order to have a beautiful result:

1. The tooth has to be properly prepared for the procedure.

2. It is extremely important that a high quality impression of the teeth is taken.

3. Detailed instructions have to be given to the lab such as, a shading map. Notice your individual teeth are not the same shade from top to bottom. In addition to a shade map, there will need to be instructions on surface texture, the degree of translucency, and many other details.

Bear in mind  that a great cosmetic dentist will only use a great lab. However, a great lab may be getting instructions from a horrible dentist.

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Pain during teeth whitening

I’ve been doing at-home whitening. Lately I’ve had pain on a tooth that I had dental bonding on. The bonding is kind of old-about 7 years old. Is the whitening weakening it or is the bonding in need of replacing?

Brooke L. – Minneapolis, MN


If the bond has weakened, the repair would likely fall off.  In all likelihood, the pain is from a sensitive area on your tooth. Possibly a part that was once covered by the bonding, but has since become exposed.

Hopefully, you are doing your teeth whitening under the care of a dentist. You should tell your dentist about the pain and let him or her check out the issue. If it is a sensitive spot, your dentist can easily take care of the issue with a special coating. This will allow you to continue your whitening procedure without the pain.

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.