Invisalign or Veneers

I want to get my smile done. I thought I’d like to get Lumineers, but my dentist said I would need to get Invisalign first. He also said that Lumineers would make my teeth look bulky, so I should get a different brand. Do you agree with his advice?

Ellie R.- Pennsylvania


I agree with your dentist about the Lumineers. They are not your best option. It is important to bear in mind that they are just one brand of porcelain veneers. There are several other brands that are much more aesthetic.

The other advice I’m not so sure about. Generally, you would either get Invisalign or you would get porcelain veneers, but not both, so that part of his advice I’m not sure I agree with. However, it is possible there is some special case that I’m unaware of such as severe crowding. My recommendation is that you get a second opinion. Try one of the dentists recommended for your area by

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Removing all a 24 year olds teeth?

My son has gotten himself in a lot of trouble the last few years. He’s been a drug addict all that time and has completely destroyed his teeth. He’s asked for help with everything and we’re doing what we can for him.  We have recently taken him to get his teeth looked at because the drugs have destroyed them. The dentist told us he wants to take out 28 teeth and give him a full set of dentures. Is this the best option? It sounds like an awful lot of teeth. I’m also worried it is a bad idea to do those in one appointment.

A worried mom

You have a right to be concerned. I don’t think this is a good treatment plan at all. This will be easy on the dentist and a disaster for your son. First, the amount of novocain required to extract that many teeth is pretty large and there is a large risk factor in that.

There are other issues though. Dentures are remarkably uncomfortable. He’ll never be able to eat the same. They’ll slip around and even fall out. However there is a bigger issue. Once his teeth are extracted, his jawbone will begin to shrink. Before he is 40 years old he will be a dental cripple and not even able to wear  his dentures.

Surely some of those teeth can be saved. Regardless of the amount of work, that is what the dentist should be focused on. If they can’t be saved, then I would recommend dental implants. They will keep his jawbone from shrinking.

It sounds like you are a good mother. I wish you the best.

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.