Invisalign with missing teeth

I have two baby teeth that never had adult teeth underneath them, so the dentist is going to pull them.  I’m planning on getting invisalign because I have some crooked teeth. Will Invisalign work with missing teeth or do I need to replace them?

Mark A.- Tampa, FL


Invisalign will generally work with missing teeth. Whether or not you want to replace them will depend on how symmetrical your smile will look without them.

If your smile doesn’t need those teeth, then you can just use Invisalign. If your smile would look off without them, then you could replace them with dental implants. Any competent cosmetic dentist would be able to help you to know if your smile will be assymetrical or not.

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Problems with a dental crown

I have gotten a new crown and it has been causing me a lot of pain and was crowding my other teeth. I’ve never experienced this with a crown before. Luckily, it is the temporary. My dentist has adjusted the temporary, but just a few hours later it is hurting again. If I push down on it for a while, it relieves the pain for a little while, but then starts hurting again. My dentist thinks that maybe there is decay with one of the adjacent teeth. I don’t agree. What do you think?

Alice S.- Michigan


I think the problem with the dental crown is with your bite. If there was some kind of decay or infection in your other tooth, pressing down on it would not make it feel better. It could be that the adjacent teeth are the ones that need to be adjusted. Maybe when it was crowding your teeth they got knocked out.

It is important this gets dealt with and it may mean your dentist adjusting the other teeth. Pain aside, if you leave this you could end up with TMJ.

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