Luster Premium and Zoom Whitening

I told a friend I was going to set an appointment to do Zoom whitening, and they told me that Luster Premium is the take home kit. Are they equal in their results?

Keven B.- Ohio


They are two completely different systems and brands. I’m not sure why your friend thought they were the same. Luster premium also works completely differently. The light isn’t really strong enough to be effective, so I’m not sure why it is there. Also, their whitening ingredient is the Zinc-oxide in their super whitener. This is just a pigment that will stick to your teeth and make them look whiter, but the effects will definitely wear off and you’ll have to keep buying it to maintain the same look to your teeth.

Zoom Whitening, on the other hand, is both efficient and permanent. Zoom uses a peroxide that seeps deep into your teeth and is activated by the Zoom light. The peroxide oxidizes your teeth from the inside out, permanently getting rid of your stains. I would definitely go with the Zoom Whitening.

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Whitening teeth with a porcelain crown

I have to get a porcelain crown and thought I’d get my teeth whitened at the same time. My dentist has this thing where you can get your teeth all the way whitened in one appointment. I wondered if it matters which one I do first. Will the crown whiten?

Billye Gaye- Maumelle, AR

Billye Gaye,

Yes, it does matter which one you do first. Porcelain crowns will not whiten. At our office we do CEREC crowns, which are also one appointment. Whatever level of whiteness your dentist makes it is as white as it will ever get. So, I’d do your teeth whitening first, getting them to the level of whiteness you want, and then get the crown made to match that tone, especially if it is a front tooth that is very visible. However, if your crown is a back tooth, like a molar, it may not make a difference what color it is so the timing will not be as relevant.

This blog is brought to you by Oklahoma City Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.