Try Invisalign Treatment This Summer

Do you have crooked teeth? Dental alignment concerns can make you feel self-conscious about the way your smile looks. But you could also face a greater risk of cavities and other dental issues if you have gaps between teeth or overlapping teeth.

Minor cases of gapped, crooked, and crowded teeth can be fixed with Invisalign treatment from your dentist. The dentist will provide the patient with sets of custom-made plastic aligners. They wear Invisalign over the teeth to gradually push them into the desired straight position.

Many patients can get the smile of their dreams with Invisalign. And with summer approaching, you may want to take advantage of this ideal time to kick off your smile enhancement treatment. Read on to find four of the many reasons why this summer could be the perfect time to start straightening your smile with Invisalign.

Try Invisalign Treatment This Summer

Time to Adjust to Invisalign Fit

Dentists create Invisalign aligners on a custom basis for each patient. They use impressions of the patient’s teeth to build aligners that fit both securely and comfortably over the teeth while still applying pressure to encourage them to move.

Despite the personalized approach, it can take some time to get used to the way that Invisalign feels over the teeth. During the summer, people tend to have some downtime in their schedule. This way, you can adjust to how these fixtures affect your speech before your routine becomes busy again later in the year.

More Dental Appointment Flexibility in Summer

With school closed for the summer and many businesses slower due to vacations, patients tend to notice more flexibility in their schedules. This can allow them to book dental appointments related to Invisalign care.

Invisalign requires fewer appointments than other orthodontic solutions. But your dentist will still want to monitor your progress and oral health with follow-up visits. You can have more freedom to attend these appointments during the summer. So schedule your initial dental consultation regarding Invisalign now.

No Disruption to Summer Plans

Do you have a vacation booked this summer? Are you looking forward to attending backyard barbeques and other summer events? You will not have to worry about missing out on these activities with Invisalign.

Invisalign comes with no dietary restrictions. Your dentist will ask you to remove Invisalign while eating or drinking so that you do not make a mess or damage your aligners.

This way, you can eat all your favorite foods this summer without worrying about affecting your treatment. Stick to your dentist’s aftercare and maintenance guidelines for Invisalign to get the most out of this treatment.

Boost Your Smile Confidence Now

The length of Invisalign treatment will vary for each patient depending on the severity of their dental concerns. You will not see immediate results with Invisalign, and treatments may take between six and eighteen months to complete. However, after a few months, you might start to see your teeth shift into a straighter position.

When you start Invisalign in the summer, you can notice an improvement in your smile’s appearance by the winter holiday season. Kick off your teeth-straightening journey by calling your dentist now.