Why Consider Botox for the Holidays

The holiday season is approaching, and you likely look forward to celebrating with loved ones. But if you notice wrinkles and other aesthetic concerns in your skin, you might feel less excited about upcoming special events. Boost your self-esteem and enjoy your holidays with facial aesthetic solutions like Botox available at your dentist’s office.

Your dentist is an expert in your oral health, which includes areas surrounding your mouth, like the muscles and skin of your face. This makes your dentist an ideal provider of Botox treatment in these regions.

Plus, colder weather can mean you can anticipate an easier recovery following your Botox procedure from your dentist. Learn more about why now could be the best time to receive Botox treatment when you read on.

Why Consider Botox for the Holidays

Feel Confident in Your Skin Before Your Special Event

Your skin features natural proteins that make it able to stretch and return to its original smooth shape with ease. But as you age, your skin loses its elasticity. Then moving your skin can create wrinkles and fine lines that disturb your fresh appearance.

Botox treatment involves the injection of a mild paralytic toxin into targeted muscles. This stops the muscles from moving often so that you do not overwork the skin and create new wrinkles. It also helps reduce the appearance of existing fine lines so that your skin can appear more youthful.

Your dentist can provide you with Botox to enhance the skin on the forehead, near the mouth, and at the corners of your eyes. You can notice some immediate benefits directly after your procedure. But the full effects will appear within one to two weeks.

Plan your Botox appointment at your cosmetic dentist’s office accordingly so that you can see the maximum enhancement in your skin before your special events. Botox treatment lasts for three to five months. So you can enjoy skin enhancement throughout the holiday season if you book your appointment now.

Experience Optimal Recovery When You Receive Botox This Winter

When you receive Botox, you might see some slight redness near the injection site directly after your procedure. If you get Botox during the colder months of the year, the lower temperatures can reduce the chances of swelling and other irritations you might notice within the first few days of your treatment.

Also, your dentist will recommend that you avoid direct sunlight, sweating, and other potential aggravations that may irritate the skin as it heals from Botox. This can be easier to accomplish in the winter when colder weather means that you sweat less. And harsh UV rays are weaker and therefore less harmful to the skin.

Therefore, you can experience less stress and hassle while you recover from Botox treatment if you book this procedure during the winter. Contact your dentist to learn more about aftercare and the facial aesthetic benefits you can look forward to with Botox.