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Which first: bonding or whitening?

I have a chip on one of my teeth from grinding them at night. My dentist is about to put some dental bonding to repair it, but I’m thinking about getting my teeth whitened too. I wondered if the whitening would damage the bonding, so maybe I should do that first. What do you think?

Candice from Illinois


You bring up an important issue. Whenever you’re wanting to do teeth whitening and get other dental work done, always whiten first. Dental work, such as veneers, crowns, or bonding do not whiten. ¬†You can have your teeth completely whitened in just one appointment with Zoom Whitening.

There is one other issue I’d like to address. You mentioned that it was tooth grinding that led to your chip. Unless that issue if fixed, your dental bonding is very likely to pop off. I’d look for a cosmetic dentist who is familiar with bite alignment issues.

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