How do you find the best whitening dentist?

I want to get my teeth whitened and want to be sure I have it done well.  How do I find the best teeth whitening dentist?

Beverly T. – San Antonio


There aren’t really whitening dentists. So there isn’t a best dentist for whitening. Any general dentist that does cosmetic dentistry could easily do a fantastic job. It’s not a difficult procedure.

Your decision probably needs to be more what type of teeth whitening that you prefer. Do you want to do it at home and control how white your teeth get or do you just want to get them as white as possible in just one visit?

If you want to control it, do at-home professional teeth whitening. Otherwise, you might prefer Zoom Whitening or some other brand of in-office procedure.

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I think I have George Washington’s Dentist

I got dentures and they look horrible. Like really horrible. I’ve always heard that George Washington had wooden teeth, and I’m guessing my dentist modeled my dentures after them.  He put some kind of brown stain on them to make them look “natural”. Maybe if my teeth were brown before hand that would have made sense, but now my teeth look worse. Can these be fixed?

Matilda R. – Alabama


I’m so very sorry this was your experience with getting dentures. I’m guessing your dentist is likely a decent family dentist, but hasn’t invested much time in cosmetic training.

You can get dentures that look like natural teeth. In fact, you could get dentures that look better than your natural teeth did, but it takes an artistic dentist with a lot of cosmetic training to work that out.

While you can have it fixed, the only way to do that is to have them re-made, preferably by a different dentist. It’s possible you can talk your dentist into at least a partial refund.

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.