Is Cavitron safe to use on porcelain veneers?

I’ve wondered if Cavitron can be safe to use on porcelain veneers? I just got some and I want to make sure they’re well taken care of.

Diane- Wyoming


You’re smart to ask this question. It’s an ultra-sonic scaler, which can be dangerous for porcelain veneers. However, if your dentist is a skilled cosmetic dentist, he’s likely trained his hygienists on the best ways to clean them.  If a hygienist is skilled, Cavitron will be fine for your porcelain veneers.  They’ll have to be careful not to dwell on the margins, but it’s fine to use.

The one thing you absolutely do NOT want, is to let your hygienist use a Prophy Jet.  These will completely ruin the glaze on your porcelain veneers. Before you know it, they are dull and picking up stains.

You spent too much money on your new smile to have it ruined by an ill-informed hygienist.

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Do Whitening Toothpastes Work?

I’ve been thinking about getting a whitening toothpaste, but wondered if they were at all useful. Any thoughts?

Amanda L. – Alabama


It depends on what you’re wanting to get out of the toothpaste.  Most whitening toothpastes will do a good job of removing surface stains, but they will not get the stains that are beneath the surface of your teeth. For that, you will need professional teeth whitening.

There are generally two kinds:

  • In office whitening: That is usually with brands such as zoom.  You go into the dentists office for about two hours and leave with brilliantly white teeth.
  • At home teeth whitening:  If you want a more gradual teeth whitening or want to control the level of whitening, then I’d recommend this method.  You were some whitening trays at your convenience for a minimum of twenty minutes daily and keep doing it until you’ve reached the level of whitening you’re hoping for.

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.