Snap on smile for a 7 year old

My seven year old son has quite a large chip on his tooth. We had it fixed with composite, but it broke off. Would snap on smile work to hide the problem until he was old enough to get it capped?

Bridgette, Las Vegas


I’m going to advice against Snap-on Smile in this case. Your son is only 7 years old and snap-on smile is removable. This means he is going to lose it. Then even when you buy another one, he’ll probably lose that as well. Also, the snap-on smile is a little bulky which will probably bother him. Children are often sensitive to different textures and feelings. But the strongest argument against it is the fact that your sons teeth are changing. He would need a new appliance every couple of months.

I think you can still fix it with composite. It probably broke off because it was interfering  with his bite. You need to go to an expert cosmetic dentist to have this fixed. He or she will be able to fix it where it doesn’t interfere with his bite.

You may also be interested in reading about CEREC crowns for when he is older.

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Bonding or veneers

I wanted to have veneers done to my two lateral incisors which are peg teeth. My dentist wants to do all four front teeth, which will be very expensive. I had bonding done 17 years ago, but they no longer look good. Apparently I’m going to have to have some bonding done to the peg teeth anyway to accommodate the bonding. Would it be better to have the bonding done to the four teeth (especially so much cheaper) and re-do them periodically?

Sandy K. – Ontario


It doesn’t sound like your dentist has a high level of cosmetic expertise. He does know how to do cosmetic procedures, but he obviously doesn’t feel confident enough to match your canines to your other teeth.

I recommend you go to an expert cosmetic dentist and get just the two lateral incisors done with porcelain veneers. If you cannot afford that now, then just let this dentist place some bonding on them and save up for the procedure that will make them beautiful.

This blog is brought to you by Tulsa Cosmetic dentist Dr. Jerome Cha.